Annija Keita Sabule

Born 20.04.1997.

When I was a kid I always just wanted to be better than anyone else. When I started biathlon at the age of 7, I first didn’t like it because I was the youngest.

A few years later biathlon became my first choice, I still was a kid but in my head there was only one thing – “I will go to the Olympic Games”. From that day till now I am working hard and finding joy while doing it.

I am progressing year by year and I know my mindset and body are getting stronger day by day. With my focus on all the good things in my life I find enough energy and confidence.

My short time goal is to become a World Cup TOP50 athlete this season (22/23). My biggest mid term goal is to qualify for the Winter Olympic Games in Kortina/Milana 2026.

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